Sunday, March 30, 2008

What do you think?

Tell me what yall think of this "real nigga". Does he have the skills to get a deal?

I thought so!

Check this video out! LOL

Just to fill yall in, we got alot of big deals and things coming up for us. If we don't get back to alot of comments, messages or even this blog yall know why. We just doing us. If you wanna keep shit moving, then you gotta put in work like us. We went 1 year and a half straight with nobody except 1 important person believing in what we do. We cannot stop eating just because ya'll wanna see more videos. We love yall and we know how yall get but I wanna see dollars from yall if thats what yall expect from us. Don't tell us how to run our lives. You not gonna pay our phone bills, buy birthday presents, airplane and train tickets, pay for hair cuts or anything. For everybody who support us by doing things like buying a ringtone when yall dont even need it, we truly love yall. Yall the true number 1 fans. Whatever we can do we always try to be there for yall. Yall wanna be on the top of our myspace or anything, get at us. We fucks with yall.

On another note, we know everybody didnt know of us from the start. So imma put this in the best way possible. We not about to switch up what we do for you newcomers. Yall come at us with messages basically telling us what to do. Then we send yall messages and yall read and dont reply. Why you think we dont open half of yall messages? All yall do is bullshit.

to be continued... THERE WILL BE MORE ANOTHER TIME!!!

Busy Bees

Whats up? Everything seems to be "up" with us. Too "up" if I may add. We seem like we are too busy now-a-days. It's hard as hell trying to make videos and songs and stay on =)

TIP: Don't give yourself more than you can handle.

It's all good tho. We still got the DVD in the works. Let us know what you want on it by leaving a comment on our blogs.
And I see that we get alot of views on our blog but no comments. It would be nice to see what people think. When we see people support what we do it makes us do more. (Hint:

Knowing some of our fans, you dont really give a shit about what we wanna say. You just wanna know when the next video is dropping, right? Well you won't have to wait too long with yo selfish ass.

While you are waiting for us to be funny, there are different or strsnge things to laugh at...

Check on our blog daily. Hit up (if you want to =P...)

Add us on Facebook too... look for FIRST NAME: Filno LAST NAME: Bep

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Soulja Boy Smell Em

LOL, Just thought this post should be started with that video!

Now, if you have been a friend on our myspace the past 2 weeks we have been back then chances are we have sent you some kind of stupid message. We don't give a fuck since we get about 200 more stupid messages then you do everyday! Suck it up, bitch!

So, Sunday Soulja Boy texted my phone saying we need to do a interview. So we schedule it for Monday. Got pushed back to day before yesterday. Messing around with Mapquest (fuck em), I couldn't find Collipark Studios. So, we had to reschedule that to today. Now, SBeezy is at the Spring Bling thing and is supposed to be back in town tonight. We'll see how that goes. If it does go, no sack riding please!!!

Speaking of, everybody sign up to and add us as a friend. Its fun on there, real talk. LOL

Shout out to Soulja Boy. Khris Kaos is a fag. If you're asking yourself "who is that?", then that is why he is a fag. Fuckin hater! Go dance around with ya lil bug eyed, musty homosexual! Nobody wanna see your self made pornos! YAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

More on that fag later!!! If its business then its whats up! Speaking of CEO Charlie get back at me, homie!!!
Ya'll know the number!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Don't know what to Call It...

Yea thats right. I don't know what to call it!!!

We updated our myspace so go check it out. Leave us some comments.... pic comments. We get back at ya'lls!!!!

I got a call from Playboy Tre and B.O.B. last night saying to get in the studio. It should be a surprise but we are working on South Central Park 2 this weekend and theres gonna be a few guests on it. Oooo.... get excited!

Now for the dumb ass of the day... "Ireallylovelucid" (Props to Tru585 aka Desperado)

WTF!!! He is fucking retarded. I hope she was worth it. It probably was a he... SMH

I know people hate listening to music. But its our music. Its something we have been trying to get back to ever since Dipset the Movie made us who we are. So, rappers please take the time out to support the BEP Help-A-Nigga-Out Foundation. These beats are just $25 each. How cheap is that?

I'm serious... $25. That's all!!! So don't say you fuck with our beats if you don't own one. That would mean you just like it and your a 2 cent, punk ass, dick rider!

Much love to everybody keeping it 100% on the myspace! We very much appreciate it. You can catch us on whereever. Just invite us and we'll show up! No big egos over here! New Songs coming!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Normal People?

I don't know what number of Youtube subscribers or what number of celebs you have to know to become famous, but I guess we hit it. I never noticed it actually. But people say we are "famous". If you ask me I would tell you we are semi-famous. Everyday we get someone to tell us that we are known at their school or town. That still doesn't convince me that we are famous.
You would think that after all the views, magazines, and videos that we would realize the fame. I still don't see it. Lil Dee aka God's Gift told us that people always ask him about us. They wanna know if we cool in person or stuck up...haha. He just tells them to talk to us. That's not hard to do either since we answer every Myspace message. That's what we do for most of the day. The rest of the day we handling business. But we come to anywhere possible. Invite us to your hood. We'll come. We not stuck up either. We don't even dress like "famous" people do. Many of you may have seen us but we look normal in public. If you're in Atlanta then you might spot us on Marta. But all you gotta do is hit up our Myspace, AIM. Yahoo, etc. We will chill with anyone.
People don't believe that we are actual humans and we have actual lives. We live like you do. We like to chill. We get lazy at times. We even have girlfriends that get on our damn nerves....hehe.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Text FILNOBEP to SAYNOW (729669) and tell us what you think about our videos and what we need to improve. ITS FREE!!!

We need ya'll to subscribe to us at that site. He ya boys out!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Get it, Got it, Gone....

Whats going on people? Well, the days have been crazy with us. Being bored all week, messing with "internet beef". People try so hard to bring us down. Tip to everyone: Don't try to be somebody you are not and people will have nothing to expose. Hope whats his face learns from that!

Now, the "Lollipop" song by Lil Wayne was ehhhh..... the video was geeehhhhh...... Lollpops and shit? Talking about shawty wanna lick the rapper so I let her lick the rapper. He is wrong for that one. Got Deelishis in the video who don't show her ass one time. We proud of you, hoe. Thats coming from BEP with your monkey face ass! RIP Static Major.

Shout out to Soulja Boy, who subscribed to us on youtube. Now, if a big named kid like Soulja Boy can subscribe to us, I don't see why none of ya'll regular ass people can't! For that Soulja Boy is cool to me. Imma buy his next album and do The Dre (new dance).......



He got owned for real. If you don't know the story, dont stress ya selves tryna learn it!

Shoot man I'm tired as hell! I gotta get some sleep and wake up to get shit done. CEO Charlie and the Visoto Bosses are coming through to the Youtube lab (lame) to record something nice!!! No porno. But its nice!!! CHECK EM OUT.......

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Myspace is back in action


We spent all day yesterday and the day before trying to get people to add the new BEP myspace. Thats why there was no blog yesterday. Whenever you get the chance, if you haven't, please add the new page.

The Lil Wayne video is supposed to be coming out tonight at 8:00, but I'm not saying where. Fuck that! Find it your self!

We talked to Soulja Boy yesterday and he asked us to sign up to so if you are on there, be on the look out for us. Add us when ya see us like ya know what it is!!!

Click that!!!!

Whenever you find your self being.... bored, just play our new game. "Expose the E Thug""

Have fun!!!

I know... ether, right?

Picture he says that he is a pimp (not making this up) because he has Twinn's girlfriend on his top friends on Myspace. Oooooo.....

We are accepting spots on our youtube channel page! If you want your video to automatically play whenever people come to our page, holla at us!

Until next time.... fuck you! Tell a friend to check our blog!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Gotta Get it Back Poppin!!!

Man... I know ya'll probably know our Myspace got deleted last Monday, after being number 1 and 2 on the video charts! Well, now we tryna build it back up to at least close to where it was! I can't say we won't because look at our youtube page.

Speaking of Youtube, we hit that 10,000 subscribers mark! Nigga, I am so happy!

But, yep! Add the new page, and show love and let us know you still BEP family. If we forgot to get at you before the page deleted, please get at us again!

Thee new Fat Girl song is up there! We reposting songs by request. First come first serve!

I told ya'll awhile back about the Gwils interview. Well, I got it. So read up!


Yea man... I wanted to talk about the Papoose and Fat Joe situation. Honestly, I don't give a fuck! I don't see the big deal. Fat Joe big as hell and Papoose small and already got knocked out by another nigga. So, why we caring? Rappers supposed to rap. Not box!

Stick to the music. Even if it doesn't do well

Like this nigga!

Lil Wayne - he got a video coming out with Static Major (RIP) called............. Lollipop............Pause..............No homo........
Look at it your damn self! Might be hot though... no homo!


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Haters Everywhere We Go!!!

Man, I had fun at the video shoot! For those who don't know the "Haters" song by B.O.B. , check it out. I bet any money that this song will be your new anthem. Bet!

Yeah, ya'll haters be mad. We got (almost) celebrity status now. LOL!!! We got the chance to kick it with a few big people. TJ Dj was there, BRich from Brich Ent. was there, Homebwoi was there, Rich Boy, Moss B, a few radio VJs and DJs, but they coolest person out there to me was Playboy Tre. That dude funny as hell. Everybody in the club was laughing ALL day because of this dude. If you not familiar with Tre, think.... think.... LOCKED UP..... MUGGIN...... Yeah, you got it!

I know ya'll wanna ask if we gonna be in the video.

Moving on, Playboy Tre hit up the infamous YouTube lab. LOL thats so lame! We chatted it up for a good 2 hours and we got him on the Fat Girl Eat What You Want Remix.
Crazy! If you never got a chance to hear the dude rap, I suggest you go to or something, find the GoodBye America mixtape and open ya ears!

In other news, the South Central Park video finally premiered on Youtube. In one day, we got about 15,000 plus hits! about 9 honors, one of them being #1 favorited video of the day! The video made it to Complex magazines site, so I can't really give a good enough reason for as why Youtube don't mess with us now, besides they hate black people. But hey.... my opinion!!! Here's the video if you haven't seen it!

South Central Park

And whoever keeps reposting our videos, trying to take credit for our videos are dumbasses.

Just incase you were wondering, we pushed back the Gwils shit because hey... this is good news, right?

Myspace coming back soon.................

Friday, March 7, 2008

Filno Radio back on tonight!

Yes, we gonna be back on air. If you don't know they link....

But, thats not until later on. (12am EST time)

If you don't know the number....

(347) 215-8392 (And the number is free. Unless you got a prepaid.)

We made the show start at 12am est / 9pm wst so everybody can get a chance to call in! Get it! So, don't ask why. Think about the people, man!!!!

Now, I'm not trying to start no internet shit! But, just so any of our haters reading knows - if you're gonna diss us and our videos, don't put them on your myspace page! (LilPoohPooh)

Damn Pooh Pooh

Speaking of, here is Twinn rapping again..

And, Pooh Pooh posted another video but I don't feel like posting it. I'll go watch it later. Ya'll watch it and tell me about it on the show tonight!

I know most of ya'll remember GWils! Well I'm gonna be posting an exclusive interview from ya boy Gwils! LOL

See ya'll tonight.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rap Battle

Today, we wanna keep it entertaining for you guys. There was a corny ass rap battle between Twinn and this unknown nigga from North Carolina who calls himself Lil Pooh. But for our amusement, lets call him Lil pooh pooh!

The whole thing started over the Twinn speaking on Lil Wayne video. Like in the video says, there will be Lil Wayne fans getting angry over the video. Sure enough, there was. Lil Pooh Pooh stayed posting comments defending Lil Wayne for about 2 weeks straight. We went to Mexico, came back, and Lil Pooh pooh still was defending Lil Wayne!!! Then he started to diss Broken Equipment saying we were nobodies and how he can rap better than Twinn's Ain't Gon Be Shit video. So Twinn put a video out....


Now, after Lil Pooh Pooh saw the video, he was quite offended. So he put out a reply to the video!

After he posted the video, he saw that he got no good responses! So, lil pooh pooh went mad posting comments on TwinnBEP Page, FilnoBEP Page, everybodys pages! He was furious!!! He hated the fact that his lil country buddies in NC told him he was the best and he was proven WRONG! So, if he, in his own mind, actually did win, then I think he would have never posted this video....

I mean thats my opinion. Somebody please give some input because he thinks that we "think" Twinn was better.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

LOL Damn Lil Wayne!!!

Damn, Weezy wee!!!!!!!! I never thought nobody would be making a Swagga Jacker Lil Wayne Edition. They did, and I thought this shit would be some corny bullshit. But then...... they played some shit where he jacking R&B singers!!!!!!!!!!! WTF Wayne!!!!!!!

Peep it your damn self!!!


Anyways, Weezy took a L with that one! No joke. I fuck with Wayne but come on! he saw what happened with Jay-Z.... Wayne took it to a new level. Ya'll dick riders need to find a new excuse now! LOL Oh my goodness!

In other news:
Lil Wayne bit, Musiq Soulchild... the nigga who made Loooooovvveeee!!!! LMAO!!! Damn. A nigga took a L, Love, Live and Life... and Loser!!!

I'm sorry but that's too funny! I had more news but fuck it. It can wait until tomorrow or something!!! LMAO

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back Like Cooked Crack

Yessir... we just got back in the US after our visit to Mexico... it was Mexi-cool! Yep. We watched the water, ate food, got drunk, played in the water, and everything you can do outside. If never been on a cruise you need to go. It will be one of the best moments in your life. Too bad we had to leave.

We were pretty pissed to leave all that fun to find out our Myspace got deleted!

Fuck you Tom. You sweet, soft, and sensitive gay bitch.

We will be back up with a new page. Just keep intouch with us so you can know what it is.

We were away from the computer for a couple of days so we can't put up videos. We still are away (im typing from a sidekick) Sometime today we will be back on the cartoon thing. Maybe a blogtalkradio show... you never know.