Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fatt Kidd's take on the Ice T vs Soulja Boy beef

Some people get the reason behind the video and understand how it human to defend yourself. The rest of the people that are mad at the video say stupid sh*t like "Soulja Boy sucks, Ice T nuts in my mouth for life!" with no reason except the fact they HATE on Soulja Boy. Everybody is missing the fact that Ice T's old ass came out of no where talking sh*t to somebody that wasnt even thinking about him. Then when Soulja Boy makes his webcam video everybody is like, "Soulja Boy is dumb. fu*k him. He fu*ked up music."
Its like people are applauding Ice T for some sh*t that people been saying for the past few years. He's not the first tnigga to blame somebody for killing Hip Hop. Ice T is wrong.
#1 its not his fu*king business.
#2 He fu*ked Hip Hop up in a way himself. He said he started gangsta rap, right? Well if rap didnt start off gangsta then it wasnt meant to be gangsta and Ice T just came along and changed music to gangsta rap. Now his old ass is pissed because Soulja Boy changed gangsta rap into dance rap. (Soulja Boy haters will read that and still be like, but he still sucks and Ice T is the man.)
#3 When was the last time you heard an Ice T song on the radio or anywhere? He doesn't make music anymore, he's an actor now. So why the hell is he gonna get all sensitive on the music when his ass gave up? Ice T only has one album people remember but he think he has the right to talk sh*t to a fu*kiing minor. I hate being in America. People have dumbass minds and think anything is right just because they HATE a person.

And stop with that "BEP are sellouts!" shit. That really doesnt make any sense. And I havent heard a good answer to why we are sellouts.

Friday, June 20, 2008

2 Posts 1 Day

If you see 2 posts in 1 day then it has to be a issue that came up....well....

I was lookin at the comments for the post about us being sellouts. I posted that just to get everything from other peoples' points of view. I knew I was gonna get at least one negative comment.

When I say negative, I dont mean that. To me, a negative comment just means you dont know enough to understand it from our point of view.

I saw a comment sayin we dont put stuff out. Well, you gotta think about it like this... We have to network, we have to go to meetings, we have to appear at events, we have to attend to our families, work on music (yall probably dont see none of this).... then we have to make videos (which is probably all yall see)...on top of that, we have to hold back some videos for the DVD we are putting out. Then we are goin to be even more busy when we start touring for that.

Most people probably think we dont have lives and we can make movies all day. We are business men. For real. I dont just say that. Every single day we are talking to somebody about business. From Soulja Boy to CEO Charlie. From Fatman Scoop to QD3 (Quincy Jones III). From DJ Greg Street to Riggs Morales (Shady). Believe we are not sittin on our asses all day. Those chains and clothes on our myspace dont come from sittin on our ass. The day we dont have to provide for ourself is the day we start makin non stop cartoons.

And if you feel you can contribute to our movement then do it. See if its as easy as it looks. This industry, tv shit aint no joke. We cant run to producers and ask them to make us a song. Yall do realize that when you pressure artists they tend to fall back....*hint hint* .....Dave Chappelle, Houston, Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Eminem.

All Im askin is for respect as human beings....yall will get what you want.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


A few days ago, we posted a bulletin on Myspace looking for producers. Yup we still are looking but I wanted to make it clear on why people dont get heard yet.

in the bulletin we asked for serious producers. No people who just got fruity loops, and all of a sudden thought they were good. Well we got a few of those. Dumb asses. I wont put them on blast.... Sike I lied

TRE Boiy Productions


Anyways, Lil Dee just got signed last week, and he is working in the studio with a lot of big name producers. Dee looking for a hit single, and being good ol BEP, we tried to help put some of yall on by telling yall send beats in. It might make the album... But no.... niggas wanna be dumb and send in that Franchise boys sounding shit! There was one person, Vybe Beats, he had some bangers!

Fuck that. Lil Dee still looking for beats, BEP still looking for beats. Get at us! See ya'll this summer!!!