Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nueva Orleans Para Vida

So, right now I'm writing this blog in New Orleans inside one of Dillard's computer rooms. Tonight, we going to hit up a show where Lil Dee is performing.

Now, last week on MySpace, we said to hit us up before the weekend if its about business. So why the fuck would any of yall wait till the end of the weekend to hit us up about business? (Every last person I'm talking about should know who they are!) If you are wondering why you can't get in contact with us, its your own fault.

We gonna be on a cruise to Mexico. Coming back to New Orleans Sunday. Going back to Atlanta some time next week. Then we going up to New york. So if you feel like we ignoring you, we probably is!!!!! (Incorrect grammar intentional)

Occasionally, we'll be on either AIM or Y!IM, but if you don't know our screen names, you probably don't need to know it anyway. If you got our numbers, you can call and gamble on your chances of us answering. LOL

No mean to be rude, just being honest!!!

Thanks to everybody who watched the "Call Me" video on youtube. Everybody messaging us on youtube should stop now. We can't really reply to ya'll. So either MySpace or leave a comment. Thanks to whoever at who put our video on their site.

Check this video out! Funny shit!

We out! Uno!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

OMS (Oh MySpace)

First off, we gonna be leaving Georgia today and going to New Orleans. If we don't answer your messages, its because we don't want to. So don't throw a bitch fit!

Now, I want to talk about MySpace...

1. Spammers - I'm tired of all the spamming shit talking about our ex girl friend's pics at this and that site. You think we give a damn about our ex girl friends? If I get your spam, I'm snitching on you. Yep. I'm telling Tom on ya ass.

2. Messages - People... Why oh why do people waste the time of their day to send us a stupid message? Now, don't go and assume I'm talking about you (unless I am). But, people send us the dumbest messages ever.

Why ya'll stop making videos?
Where is Where's Cam'ron 3?
Ya'll some bitches
Can you send me that Lil Wayne and Kanye beat?
Whats up?
Can I be in ya'll videos?
Ya'll need to make fun of (INSERT AN OLD ASS SONG)

Don't send us messages saying comment your pictures, unless you have commented ours!!!



New video on youtube, check it out!

Holla at ya'll later! Anything else, you can leave it in a comment!

Monday, February 25, 2008

One more before the road

Whats good? Nothing? So what?

Anyways, we finally joined with the rest of the world with the mobile internet on the phone, so now we can be around yall more often (Yay!!!). And that means more of yall can annoy us, send us lovely messages, or ask stupid questions... I bet you thinking of some now, huh?

Whatever. But if you gonna hit us up, do so before tomorrow. We gonna be out of the country. And even though our phones get service in other countries, that doesn't mean we do! So yeah... hit us up!

I'm sure some of ya'll wondering where is the South Central Park video that we said would be up today... If thats what's on your mind, you can go to IdiotBoxTV.Net and file your complaints, lol!!!!!! We have it done for yall, but thats not in our hands to put it out!

In other news, Sean Kingston just gained 5 pounds last week. Thats not good.

That last statement didn't mean shit but I thought it was funny.

But yep, I'm online looking for ringtones and I come across a Dwayne Carter section. Don't know why, but I browsed through it. Ofcourse, not knowing, I found Crank dat weezy wee. Mother fucka!!!!!!

Well you already know the space ( so hit us up. Hit up the email with music but don't expect anymore than that. LOL Fuck yall, good bye and see you in Mexico!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Who said we lazy?

Before we start I would like to say... Fuck you to the manager at McDonalds on Peachtree Industrial road in Chamblee, GA. Fuck you with a AIDS dick and die on accident in your sleep! That big ass dust buster afro!!!! Give me my small fry!!!

Ok, back to the story. Well, today we hit up the studio today (Ya'll probably saying, "Ya'll be in the studio 24/7"). This was a real nice studio, too. We went in to record for our highly anticipated cartoon pilot, A Bad Rap TV! Everything went smooth, too! It's funny... but the most funniest thing about it is.... ya'll gotta wait to hear it! LOL. Don't worry, will keep ya'll laughing. (If they do they job)

We working on 2 of our own cartoons by the way (Cartoon and a Sketch show). So we are gonna be looking for people interested.. But please don't harrass us about it!!! And we got a few other big projects coming that we can't talk too much about involving people like... B.O.B., Playboy Tre, DJ Toomp, Cash Camp, Dyme a Duzin, ya know...

And some people (for some strange reason) find it hard to find the Birdman and Lil Wayne 3 video. (I know, wow!) So here it is!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You Know What Sucks?!?!

1. Everything
1. Mc Donald's
Ya'll need to stop messing up our order. And I'm tired of waiting forever for some Chicken McNuggets. It shouldn't take 30 minutes for that. And ya'll shouldn't have managers that barely speak english.

2. Females
Females think they right no matter what. They suck. And they cry too much. They always want you to be romantic but at the same time they wanna piss you off. Its pretty hard to be sweet to you if you giving an attitude. I hate when females do one thing and act like its the end of the world when you do it back. *Listens to "Females Wit That Bullshit"*

3. the Industry
Believe it when someone tells you the industry game is a bitch. It is. The big man always wants to be greedy. You gotta be strong. Thats all I can say for now.

What did we learn?

Not a damn thing, but you might know whats been happening lately.

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Blog, New Week, New Orleans

Whats up? You know us at Broken Equipment get into everything so, yeah, we had to get into blogs, too. We just got back from the Big Easy. New Orleans, if you don't know. We had fun in our home town like you supposed to have in your city. Naw, we ain't got not pictures of the city to show ya'll or videos, sorry. Actually, I feel sorry for you if you didn't go. LOL!!!

We spent the majority of our visit in the 17th Ward of New Orleans. We were suprised to see
Lil Wayne out there.....ha ha, yeah right. We didn't really see no faces you might know :( ... We did see Shawty Lo and no he wasn't running in place....uh, yeah. We did see him covered with cameras and groupies. Looks like Carlos gave somebody the package in on Canal Street....L-O, L-O, please tell me it aint true!!!!

We finally caught up with
CEO Charlie of =) Yay!!! Good times, good times... He was out there on Bourbon Street looking for video footage of some drunk college girls, LOL, just kidding Charlie.

But, now we are back in the studio about to slave it out until our next vacation. *Sigh*....LOL just kidding. We love the work. For all of ya'll that ask about our show at (we trying to get some money out of them), just keep intuned to us at or at (you like how I did all the advertising?), Be sure to keep intuned to the new blog here. We don't have schedules on things like these. LOL!!! We are normal people and we do have lives.