Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The site is up now. It's crazy! If you like MySpace and YouTube then you will love our site. There's already people and fans there now. We have a Arcade and we are trying to break records. If you hurry, you might get a chance to be number one. You can also upload your own videos so we can see them. Funniest video makes the front page. We are on 24/7. So, if you wanna speak with us go here. www.ThisIsBEPTv.com

Soulja Boy is on the site, too. So if you like him or hate him you can say what you want to say to him.

If you love the site please tell your friends and your family to join. We worked hard on it and we are going to keep working hard on it. We are also putting our videos that YouTube and MySpace deleted our accounts for. More music from us. More videos.

WhySpace? ThisIsBEPTv.com